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It has become apparent to the Org Mode developers that Org is suffering from a severe lack of enterprise adoption. To rectify this, we will be leveraging our collective decades working on holistic human-markup interaction tools to rapidly pivot to what we believe to be the true markup format of the future — Confluence Wiki Markup.

With this paradigm shift, you can look forward to a much more intuitive syntax, empowering you to create next-generation agile documents.

To assist you in this transition, we’ll give you a brief overview of the changes you can expect. Text formatting is almost unaffected, with a few sensible changes made to the surrounding characters.

Figure 1: Translation between Org’s syntax and our new Confluence overlords’s equivalents

We’d like to thank the FSF for giving the Org project the space and support to grow to become a world-class project. In our new venture, copyright assignment to the FSF is no longer required. Instead, copyright must be assigned to Atlassian prior to contributing.

This new partnership enables new and exciting integrations with Atlassian’s proprietary technologies. Over the next few months we will be transforming Org to a cloud-native serverless professional markup offering. Unlike Confluence, we will allow you to both write and edit documents using plaintext markup. We believe that by unlocking the synergy between plaintext and Confluence the Org project will become a thought leader in hyper-scale markup solutions.

The shift to Confluence wiki markup will come as a surprise to many of you, but after doing a deep dive into the scalability of Org we realised that there were no low-hanging fruit available — only out of the box thinking will allow for the innovation so many of our users crave.

We hope this change will not just disrupt your documents, but the entire markup industry.

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